It doesn’t matter what you achieve in life and what you don’t. If the people around you make you happy and vice versa, you have an accomplished life.
In the world of the Internet and social media, there are a lot of chances that you are consuming more than you create.
Mark Specter or Steven Grant, I did not know who I was.
You’ve probably seen people constantly change phones and laptops once a year.
With most of our jobs glueing us to our desks, it’s quite fun once in a while to take a break from the internet and do something for yourself.
It doesn’t matter how good of an artist you are. If it doesn’t sell its garbage.
You are allowed to have more than one colour of the dress. So, let’s see what makes a simple wardrobe better.
Success is always associated with financial security and most of the time a job that we hate.
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Shasha's Memoir